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The instructions in this article relate to Reports / Utilities Global and the Utilities optionThe icon may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search.

Whilst throughout StrataMax you may print a single report for multiple buildings, the global menu allows for the production of consolidated reporting.

Roll Query 

The Roll Query facility allows you to create a report of specific combinations of roll information for all tagged buildings that may not necessarily be available in one of the regular BCMax reports. The query is saved in BCMax for future use and the results may be printed or saved. if the results are saved to a file, the information will be in ascii text with no delimiting. Most BCMax users will view the information generated and maybe print the results. 

  1. Search or select Reports / Utilities (Global).
  2. Click Utilities > Roll Query

Roll Export

  1. Search or select Reports / Utilities (Global).
  2. Click Utilities > Roll Export
  3. To create a ROLLEXP.TXT file, note the Output File pathway/location. 
  4. Click Start.
  5. Tag the building/s and click Ok and then select Close on completion. 
  6. The roll data has now been exported for the selected building/s into the file.
  7. Browse through Windows to the Output File pathway/location to locate the text file. 

Legal Action

The Legal Action function is for keeping track of Lot A/cs which have been sent to a debt collector for legal action to recover outstanding levies. When there has been a change in the balance of a Lot A/c the Collection Agent will need to be advised by either printing the ledger card for any Lot A/c which has had any action since the last one was sent, or print the Legal action balance report and limit it to the specific agency or notify the agencies by email. Refer to further details in the Legal Action article.

Business Activity Statement

  1. Search or select Reports / Utilities (Global).
  2. Click Utilities > Business Activity Statement
  3. Click one of the following options:
    • Save BAS:
    • Save BAS and Report:
    • Report Only: See the Report Only section below.
    • Close: Closes the window.
  4. If Report Only is clicked, you will be presented with a 'Select Option' window with a number of buttons. 
  5. Click Select Buildings.
  6. Tag the buildings to include in this BAS and click OK.
  7. Click Proceed.

Report Only

  • Current (Unsaved): Current Unsaved BAS.
  • Last: This is the last BAS report and you will be asked if you would like a Details Report and a GST Clearing A/c totals. 
  • Specified: Enter a BAS period date. 
  • Preview: The Preview report will be an indication of what to expect to see on your completed BAS. Once the Month End has been completed it will not be possible to alter the BAS figures. 
  • Last Saved Report: Reprint the last saved BAS or a BAS for a specified period. If a BAS is not found for the specified period the report will show 'Not Found'. The report also shows the Tax Instalment Rate. If the Instalment rate field is empty then no rate was entered at the time the BAS was saved.
  • Specified Saved Report: Reprint a previously saved BAS or a BAS for a specified period. Enter required BAS period end date > Select Buildings > OK > Proceed.  
  • Current Unsaved Report: Details of the unsaved BAS.
  • Close: Closes the window. 

MultiPay Creditors

This function provides the ability to enter creditor commitments to a certain creditor from all or selected buildings. Refer to the MultiPay article.

Developers List

  1. Search or select Reports / Utilities (Global).
  2. Click Utilities > Developers List.

  3. Highlight developer name and click OK.  
  4. Select from the list of options available.