Shortcuts & Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts

As with most software, there are a number of areas where keyboard shortcuts can be used in StrataMax. The standard windows keyboard shortcuts such as 'Copy & Paste' (Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V) still function in free text areas in StrataMax as well. For example, you can copy & paste the contents of an e-mail into the Notes section of an owner's record in the Roll menu. The shortcuts below that relate to tagging are typically to tag or untag lots or buildings in the relevant lists.

  • Ctrl + T will tag the current selection and then will drop to the next cell.
  • Ctrl + U will untag the current selection and then will drop down to the next cell.
  • Ctrl + A will tag all items.
  • Ctrl + X will untag all items.
  • Tagging an item, then pressing and holding down the Shift key and then tagging another item will, in a lot of cases, but not every case, tag all items between the first and second tagged item.
  • Use the = (equals symbol) key to tick a box, and the - (hyphen symbol) key to remove a tick in a box. This can be especially useful in DocMax if using tab stops for data entry of invoices.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple separate items in a list.
  • Shift + 2 will insert the day's date in date field. In some cases double-clicking will also do this.
  • F3 will skip to the next field with the search term entered.

Menu Customisation

In certain menus of StrataMax, there are options to customise the appearance or colour of the menu. If available, this will be available under File > Customise.


Menu and Table Views

In many areas of StrataMax, it is possible to resize windows. This is useful for menus such as Levy Management or Transaction List where you would like to see all columns simultaneously.

It's also possible in some menus and tables to change the width of columns, and the height of the column headers, very much like MS Excel. This is useful when you want to view more text in a cell or fit more columns onto your screen.