Accounting & Taxation Videos

The videos in this article relate to accounting and taxation. These include topics such as account code maintenance, BAS processing, financial reporting, GST setup, journals, month end rollovers, dashboard management, and more.

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Auto Month End Rollover Video

This is a recording of the webinar covering the automatic end of month rollover feature. The important process of completing the rollover is now able to be automated, but also allows flexibility should you wish to limit some of the process for competing manually. Learn the best setup for your office to gain as much efficiency as possible.

Account Code Maintenance Video

This video demonstrates using Master Chart Filter to facilitate maintenance of the general ledger and creditor account codes. Also how to use Change Code Number when a building has been transferred in and various other processes.

Accounting and Troubleshooting Tips Video

Insurance invoices and stamp duty, accounting correctly for GST.  Changing GST on a transaction, Creditor and an account. Opening bank balance reconciliation to opening financial balances; Review and reporting for Split Bank account balances.  Opening GST Conversion account reconciliation. Journal preparation by fund. Creditor / Supplier balance adjustments.

ATO SBR - BAS Lodgement Video

Use ATO SBR Client to lodge completed Business Activity Statements (BAS). Find, Pre-fill, Pre-lodge and Lodge BAS's individually or with the bulk options to save time and complete more efficiently.


This webinar in February 2024 includes the latest changes to the BAS areas that provide for accurate reconciliation and reporting for lodgement to the Australian Taxation Office, either directly using the SBR or via the ATO Portal by a registered BAS / Tax Agent or Accountant. Also included are the Creditor Maintenance and Account Maintenance areas supporting these changes, with a touchpoint on what will be removed.

BAS Processing and Reporting Video

This webinar delivered in March 2023 provides an understanding of the requirements to submit a BAS, reviews settings and reporting in StrataMax, and looks at Tax Codes changes and changes to the Instalment Tax rate in StrataMax. BAS calculations and reports to produce before saving the BAS and some essential troubleshooting tips.

Dashboard and Interactive Reports Video

This video covers the Dashboard and Interactive Reports menus, which were added in StrataMax v5.6.

Dashboard Management Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in September 2021 and covers the efficiencies that the Dashboard brings to managing your portfolio. An over view of the setup and security and interpreting the Dashboard results to identify items that may require attention.

Financial Reporting Alternatives Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in January 2022. It reviews alternative financial reporting options and exploring settings to see how these reports can offer functional reporting for different scenarios. Financial Compare, Statement of Key Financials (NSW), Funds Management (NSW), a, Pro-Rata Budgets, Sub-totals and header accounts, Interactive Report.

Financial Year End Video

This session was held June 2022 and includes reviewing the Budget versus Actual for a recent year end building. This review includes understanding the differences between old and current year and what additional reports can assist with checking transactions once the year end has come into affect. Changing a single transaction using Transaction Change Code and knowing the difference between Change Code Number is one area covered, others include how to edit the description &/ or more info of a paid invoice using Payments Management, creating auto reverse journal entries plus using GST Balances Adjustment screen.

Journal Preparation Video

Demonstrates how to enter journals via Journal Preparation, provides alternative options as well as check and report journals.

Management Fees & Disbursements Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in November 2022, covering the following menus in 5.6.65 from both BCMax and GLMax Management Fee Setup, Process Mgmt Fees, TRMax, Process Recoveries, Management Fee Report, Dashboard.

Management Reporting Video

This video recording of the monthly webinar, which was delivered in April 2024, covers the management and income reports, and dives into the essential aspects of getting the information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to refine your strategies or a newcomer not knowing where to start, this video is tailored to provide valuable insights and practical tips. It explores best practices, and features that will highlight opportunities for optimising your in-house processes and boosting revenue.

Month End Process and Automation Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in October 2021, which covers the setup and configuration for month end and a demonstration of the process for processing.

Month End Rollover Video 

This is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in February 2021, covering the new menus in v5.6 as well as the necessary checks to perform during the month end rollover.

Owner's Tax Year Report Video

This video demonstrates how to setup and produce the Owner's Tax Year Report, generated after the Tax Year End if the Owner has opted to receive this report.

StrataMax Transaction Types

This webinar, delivered in February 2022, covers the different transaction reference types used in various areas of StrataMax.  What each reference means, how to report and why are some types better used in different situations (Creditor / Debtor accounts) is also included. Transaction status, numbering and reporting tips are other areas reviewed.

Tax Year-End Video

The Tax Year-End video covers preparation for the end of the Tax Year and includes the information to review and check in StrataMax.

Understanding Financials Video

Delivered in November 2022, this webinar provides a base line to understand financials including the balance sheet, profit and loss statements and what the goal posts should look like when managing the day to day processes of body corporate management. There are also examples provided that explain the difference between cash and accrual accounting and why StrataMax operates on the accrual basis.