Change Building Name or Number

Instructions in this article relate to Change Building Number which can be found by searching or selecting it from the StrataMax or GLMax desktop.

Change Building Number

NOTE: Before changing the building number, ensure that any current EFT's and TRMax entries are processed.

Often the Building Number for a plan needs to be changed. StrataMax allows this by conducting the Change Building Number process. The Building Number for the Current, Old and Historical Year data will be changed, but any stored data (i.e. on a disk, or another backup location) will NOT be changed. This is important if there is a need to restore Historical Years.

In addition to the below steps; if a lot or lots need their specific Plan Number changed this can be done following the steps available here.

  1. Search or select Change Building Number
  2. Click the Change Building button, and select the building to be adjusted, click OK.

  1. Enter the New Number (Tick the CTS Number option (QLD) if you wish to change the CTS as well as building (plan) number.
  2. Then click Proceed.

  1. Click Yes to proceed with changing building number message.

Change Building Name

If the name of a building needs to be changed (spelling/typing error etc...) this is completed in Building Information and the name will be changed on the building selection list as well as on reports. 

  1. Search or select Building Information.
  2. Locate the Body Corporate Name field.
  3. Type the desired new name for the building (overwriting the existing name), click Save.
  4. Review Building Long Name field and adjust if required as this field displays on reports, click Save.
  5. Click Yes to change Sub-Groups as well (if asked).

The adjustment will be applied throughout StrataMax and the building will be saved under it's new name. Details of the change can be located in the History button in Building Information menu.