Arrears & Legal Action

This category contains information pertaining to all menus related to levies & arrears in StrataMax.


Arrears Notice Overview & Configuration
The content in this article relate to Arrears Notice.  The icon may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search . The arrears process in StrataMax is designed around an arrears schedule&nbs...
Arrears Notice Setup
This article covers how arrears fees can be presented in the financials, how the arrears schedule is set up, and some basic merge letter settings to create arrears letters or arrears cover letters.
Interest Setup, Calculation & Troubleshooting
This article explains how to enable interest charging in StrataMax, and provides information on how it is calculated. It also provides solutions to challenges that may arise when charging or crediting/reversing interest. StrataMax will calculate ov...
Legal Action Setup
This article covers the necessary steps, and various settings required to use the Legal Action  menu, which allows Strata Managers to engage external debt collection agents to set up a payment plan or set up a payment plan for owners w...