Meeting Hub

This is the best place to start if you're new to Meeting Hub and VoteMax.

Meeting Hub Basics

This area covers everything you need to get started. How to get access, logging in, navigating the main menu - it's all here!

Standard Agenda Items

Agenda Items represent items of business or discussion within a meeting where a vote by members is not required. Some examples include: Recording attendance, Recording apologies, Tabling a document. The benefit of using Meeting Hub here, is that frequently used Agenda items can be set up as a Standard Agenda Item, and become a blueprint for a reusable component to be used when creating a Meeting or a Standard Meeting.

Standard Motions

A motion is an item on the agenda that requires a vote by the members, which if passed, becomes a resolution of the strata scheme or committee. Motions that are going to be used frequently can be configured as Standard Motions, so that they can be used in Meetings and Standard Meetings.

Standard Meetings

This section provides the knowledge and understanding to create and manage Standard Meetings.

Meeting End-To-End Process

This is a comprehensive guide, designed to take Meeting Hub users through the entire life cycle of a meeting in Meeting Hub. Covering topics such the creation of a meeting, issuing the notice, recording pre-meeting votes, adding meeting attendees, running and finalising the meeting, and issuing the minutes.

Meeting Hub | FAQ

This article includes answers to our most frequently asked Meeting Hub questions.

Meeting Hub Templates

This page contains samples of the various Off The Shelf (OTS) Template Groups for each state.