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Welcome to StrataMax Online Help. The StrataMax Online Help is a collection of articles to help you make the most of StrataMax. There are individual pages with instructions based on specific menus in StrataMax, plus there are step by step articles for common processes. Visit the Release Notes page regularly to keep up to date with details of recent features and enhancements.

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We are excited to offer the StrataMax Chatbot for you to trial! This cutting-edge chatbot has been trained on all of our online help content, making it a valuable resource for answering a wide range of questions about using StrataMax.
You can find the Chatbot located in the bottom left of this page. Please give it a try and let us know your feedback. We highly recommend reading through the StrataMax Chatbot Trial page to learn how to get the most of the Chatbot!

In addition to the written articles there is a StrataMax Videos page containing  recordings of our monthly webinars, and we have articles with useful links to legislation and regulations for all the different strata law around Australia.
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