Integrated Modules Videos

The videos in this article relate to the integrated modules found in StrataMax. These include the areas of TaskMax for quotes and work order, TRMax for managing and processing recoveries, and the StrataMax Portal.

StrataMax Portal Video | Adding a Co-Owner

This video is intended for the end-user, but may also assist managers to help Owners to add an additional Owner to the lot linked to their User Account.

StrataMax Portal Video | Basic Online Portal Setup

Basic Online Portal setup, StrataMax Intro Letter, automation of this letter, and Basic DocMax Online Portal area are reviewed. This video also contains creating a User Account, creating a Customised Basic Theme with Logo and corporate branding. Managing contact points for Body Corporate Manager and Owners updating their own contact details is also demonstrated.

StrataMax Portal Video | Creating A User Account

This video is intended for the end user, however, this may be useful for a manager to understand the process to create a User Account.

StrataMax Portal Video | Linking a Property

This video is intended for the end-user, however, this may assist managers to help Owners to link lot accounts together under one User Account.

StrataMax Portal Video | Manager Access

This video will show Users how to create a StrataMax Portal account which enables users to impersonate an Owner or to manage the StrataMax Portal.  The access can be set up with either standard or administrator privileges.

StrataMax Portal Video | Owner Access

This video is a recording of the Monthly Webinar, delivered in September 2022, covering how owners access to the portal, how strata managers can check which owners have access already, how to check which buildings are using the Portal, how to remove access, and how to re-issue StrataMax user ID and passwords.

StrataMax Portal Video | Owner View Access & Intro Letter

This 30-minute video is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in November 2021, which covers impersonating owners on the StrataMax Portal, how to look up StrataMax Portal user IDs and passwords, how to issue and re-issue the Intro Letter, and how to configure the Roll to automatically send the Intro Letter when a Change of Ownership is completed.

TaskMax (2022) Video

This webinar, delivered in July 2022 covers the lifecycle of TaskMax jobs, communication customisation, work order and quote processing, and how to finalise old work orders.

TRMax Administration Video

This recording of the monthly webinar from May 2022 covers the Security Setup of TRMax and other related menus and functions, Managing invoice codes, Disbursements, and custom rates for buildings and consultants.

TRMax and Recoveries Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar delivered in October 2021.  It covers how to setup, enter and process additional recoveries / invoices for variable administrative services using TRMax and Disbursements. This also covers custom invoice and consultancy rates as well as building and user specific settings.