Utility Billing | Reports

This article covers the various key reports that are available in the Utility Billing menu, of which there are a number of. These are used in both the Main Building and Utility Sub-Group.

Financial Statements

The Financial Statements is a report of the Balance Sheet, Income and Expenditure  reports and are used to check the integrity of balances. The financials should always balance and this can be checked by ensuring that the total of the Owners Funds matches the Net Assets.

  1. From the Utility  Sub-Group open the Financial Statements menu.
  2. Select the Report Name from the drop-down menu.
    • Management Fee is a recommended report as it will detail the account codes that the balances are posted to.
    • Financial Statements can be printed for previous periods. The end date under the Report Period section can be changed to any month end date in the current financial year, or the statements can be accessed via Stored Report from each month end rollover


  1. Tick any additional Report Settings required.
  2. Click Proceed. 

Any Utility Income will be posted to the Main Update codes that have been set up and should be reflected within the Financial Statements.

Stored Report Financial Statements

  1. Open the Stored Report menu.
  2. From the Report Name column select Financial Statements and click Filter to filter only by Financial Statements.
  3. Tag the required month end Financial Statements.
  4. Click the Preview button to preview.

Aged Balance List

This aged balance list will show an aging balance of the Debtors within the Utility Group. The purpose of this is to assist in determining which Debtors are in arrears. The indicator that confirms the Utility Group is the Report Setup Title will have an E in front of the building number

  1. From the Utility Group.
  2. Search or select Aged Balance List.
  3. Click OK.

Sub Group Update Report

This report shows all Utility account codes with a balance and the code they are updated to in the Main Group. Each account code should have a corresponding update account code and the report should total 0.00 at the bottom of the report. This report can be useful to identify any account codes that have not had an update code applied correctly and provides for a troubleshooting start point.

  1. From the Utility Sub-Group open the Sub Group Update Report menu.
  2. Click OK.

Reading Record List

The Reading Record list details for all accounts including the Current Reading Date, Current Read, Charge, Processed Flag and what Tariff was used. This report is useful after entering the meter readings to check them prior to processing and printing bills.

  1. From the Utility Sub-Group open the Utility Billing menu.
  2. Click GoTo > Reading Record List.
  3. Tag the debtors to include or Crtl+A to tag all debtors.
  4. Within the Limits tab enter a Reading Date Start and Reading Date Finish to report the last reading period or for a specific date range.
  5. If preferred, within the Conditions tab, tick Report Heading Utilities.
  6. Select Proceed.
  7. To export the data to Excel, select Excel or the print a PDF, select Print
  8. Select Close to close the Utility Record List.

Record Reading Query

The Record Reading Query is a report used to see readings entered for a particular Debtor / all Debtors for a particular period and is useful to refer to when troubleshooting a particular Debtor (s)

  1. From the Utility Sub-Group open the Utility Billing menu.
  2. Click GoTo > Reading Record Query.
  3. Tag the Account (s) to include in report.
  4. Enter Start Date and Finish Date to report for a specific date range, then click OK.
  5. To export to Excel, highlight the entries as required and click Show in Excel.

Security Deposit Report

Running a Security Deposit Report will confirm what debtors have a Security Deposit held, the amount required to be held for the Security Deposit and the balance of this Security Deposit. Totals can also be noted from the bottom of the report

  1. From the Utility Sub-Group open the Utility Billing menu.
  2. Select GoTo > Security Deposit Report.
  3. Select OK.

Billing Cycle Report

A field in Building Information within the Utility Group has been created to enable a record for the billing cycle for the building. 

Set Up Report

  1. From the Utility Sub-Group open the Building Information menu.
  2. Within the Billing Cycle field (89) type in either 'Monthly' or 'Quarterly.'
  3. Click Save and Exit.

Running Billing Cycle Report

  1. Open the Reports/Utilities (Global) menu.
  2. Select Group > Custom Queries > OK.
  3. Click Select Buildings and tag the required buildings.
    • Use Filter heading if required and filter by Subgroups
  4. Click Proceed.
  5. Select 'Building Info-Electricity' then OK.
  6. Tag the required fields for reporting then OK.
  7. The report will then open in Excel, where it can be modified and saved.