Convert Debtors to Creditors

Instructions in this article relate to Convert Debtors to Creditors located by searching or selecting in GLMax.

If you need to pay a debtor on a regular basis convert them to a creditor without entering all the information a second time. This option is available in GLMax

  1. Select GLMax Company using Building Selector Tool.
  2. Search or select Convert Debtors to Creditors. 
  3. Click OK to the message to Convert Debtor to Creditor. 
  4. Select 'Local Only' or 'Local and Master Chart' and click OK

  1. Select either BCMax or GLMax depending on where the debtor originates. If an owner in a building, select BCMax, if a debtor in a GLMax company select GLMax > click OK

  1. Debtor information will now be located in Creditor Maintenance