Bank Reconciliation Report

The instructions in this article relate to Bank Reconciliation Report. The icon may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search.

Print Bank Reconciliation Report

The bank reconciliation report is used to provide the most up to date bank transactions (deposits & withdrawals). 

  1. Search or select Bank Reconciliation Report.
  2. Select the required output method with the radio buttons; Screen, Printer, Excel.
  3. The template cannot be changed, but you can select the printer and paper source.
  4. Select the Current radio button to produce a report with the latest bank statement data or select the Historic button and the required date for bank statement data from that date.
  5. Click the Print button and the report will be produced to the selected output method.

Example of Bank Rec Report on screen and print.

Example of Bank Rec Report in Excel.