Levies & Arrears Videos

The videos in this article relate to levies and arrears. These include topics such as preparing budgets, adjusting owner balances, invoicing owners, BMC setups and billing, and more...

Arrears and Reporting Video

This video is a recording of the monthly webinar that was delivered in June 2021. It covers the arrears setup and how to check that the schedule is set correctly and also refers to new improved settings related to this process. A section on troubleshooting will help understand what areas may affect the issuing of an arrears notice and will include how to reset notice types and credit arrears fees.

BMC Setup & Billing Video

This video is a recording of the monthly webinar that was delivered in October 2022, and covers the prerequisites of setting up a BMC in StrataMax, the setup process, and the BMC billing process.

Budget Update Video

This video is a recording of the monthly webinar that was delivered in August 2021, and covers the Budget Update process. This session will review the areas of the budget screen and quick access to functions that can assist with managing this important process. The use of the income calculator is included and how to produce a budget report using the different templates available. Also discussed is the Lot Budget Summary and when this is appropriate for the year it pertains to. Once the Budget has been completed, there is a short demonstration of rolling the levy year.

Interest & Debtor Adjustments Video

Covers how to use the Debtor Adjustments menu to move balances between debtor accounts, and how to remove/credit interest charged.

Invoicing Owners and Non-Owners Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar that was delivered in June 2023, and covers how to create Secondary Debtors, entering invoices, printing/sending invoices, sending copies of invoices, searching for invoice numbers, reports that relate to secondary debtor accounts, and how to move funds between a debtor's main account and their sub-group account.

Legal Action | Setup and Processing

The Legal Action screen provides managers with a way to initiate recovery proceedings for owners. By selecting the appropriate lot account, a cover letter, along with owner details, an account history can be emailed to the debt collector. Any changes to the account balance can also be sent to the collection agent to provide updated details. This is a recording of the monthly webinar that was delivered in October 2023.

Levies Overview and Reporting Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in May 2021, covering levy management setup of and checking of levies that have been resolved to be issued to lot owners. It demonstrates how to calculate, enter, and amend levies to have confidence that the amounts align with the approved budget. Reports are generated to check when levies are to be issued, so that the global processing of levies can be used for efficiency.

Managing Owner Accounts - Reimbursements and Refunds

This webinar was delivered in February 2022 and focuses on refunding and reimbursing owners using EFT method. Understanding the difference between the two is discussed and applied to the difference scenarios. Also included is a simple debtor adjustment to move funds from one lot account to another. Referring to the Ledger Card for each scenario is seen here to check these processes are applying the intended outcome.

Sub-Groups | Basic Setup Video

Utility Billing provides the facility to create bills for owners or tenants for electricity, gas or water usage, which are based on meter readings. It also provides a billing solution for marina funds and air conditioning. This functionality is maintained via a 'Sub-Group', and this webinar recording (delivered September 2022) will include a basic setup for water usage and reviewing the setup areas and how to process of a billing period.

Utility Billing Processing & Troubleshooting Video

This webinar delivered in June 2023, covers the processing and troubleshooting of the Utility Billing in sub-groups. Topics included are tariff setup and overrides, entering meter readings, processing and printing bills, reversing bills, reporting, troubleshooting, and utility arrears.