Entry Report (Owner, Tenant & Agents)

The instructions in this article relate to the Entry Report. The icon may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search.

The Entry Report is helpful when reporting a property Owner, Representative, Nominee, Power of Attorney, mortgagee, Lessee, Letting Agent (Real Estate Agent), or Selling Agent lists. This report is determined as an internal report, and when using the Report Distribution window, it will select the internal user to distribute to.

Entry Report Templates and Configuration

These internal reports can be applied using the Report Distribution method and include the templates and configuration below.

  1. Search or select Entry Report. 
  2. The Entry Report template will be available from the Report Distribution window, and the internal user will be pre-tagged.
  3. Select the cogwheel to set the template and entry report settings. 
    • Include Finalised - When selected, any records marked with a date of retirement / terminated position will be included for the relevant category (available from the templates below)
  4. Template:
    • Ownagt - Owner Agent Tenant
    • Rollst03 - Roll Entry Owners
    • Rollst04 - Roll Entry Representatives
    • Rollst05 -  Roll Entry Nominee
    • Rollst06 - Roll Entry Tenants
    • Rollst07 - Roll Entry Selling Agents
    • Rollst08 - Roll Entry Power of Attorney
    • Rollst09b - Roll EntryAgent
    • Rollst09c - Roll Entry Mortgagee
  5. Click Close.