ACT Certificates

Instructions in this article relates to Certificates which can be found by searching or selecting it from the StrataMax desktop.

Certificates will automatically be set to the correct certificate based on the State and Module set in the Building Information menu. The Certificate for building type ‘UP’ - ACT Unit Titles Management accommodates the legislative requirements under the Unit Titles Legislation Amendment Act 2020 (The Act) which took effect 1 November 2020.

Date Developer Control Expired field

There is a field in the Building Information menu called ‘Date Developer Control Expired’ whish is included on the ACT Certificate for building types 'UP'. To add a date to this field, open the Building Information menu, search for the ‘Developer Control Expired Date’ field and add the required date.

The date will then be shown on the Certificate when printed.

Additional Fields - Section 119 (1) items (g),(h),(j),(k)

Additional fields have been added to the Certificate to allow scope to provide more information to potential owners as per legislative requirements. There sections are as below:

  • Borrowed Money (Section 119(1)(g))
  • Sustainability Infrastructure (Section 119(1)(h))
  • Crown Lease Extension Application (Section 119(1)(j))
  • Ongoing Development Approval (Section 119(1)(k))

To edit the information provided in these sections use the Info Editor in the Certificates module. Please see instructions below:

  1. Open the Certificates menu.
  2. Click the Info Editor button on the right.
  3. Click the ‘Text’ field for the section you would like to edit.
  4. Add the required text.
    • Text can be added for a specific building (this building only) or can be added as a global default for all buildings. Local text will override Global text.

  5. Click the Save Changes button.
  6. The updated text will then be displayed on the Certificate when produced.