StrataMax Portal | Introduction & Access

This article covers in introduction to the StrataMax Portal, the management of user accounts for access to the StrataMax Portal, as well as how to view the Portal as an owner.


The StrataMax Portal is a valuable tool for Strata Management companies. A key benefit is that it allows lot owners of schemes under management access to a range of documentation, including auto-generated StrataMax reports; Sales Certificates and Disclosures Statements for owners who are selling their properties; and additional reports and documents that have been stored in DocMax.

A further benefit is that access to these additional reports and documents by owners or committee members can be configured and, if applicable charges to access specific document groups can be set. 

The StrataMax Portal also enables lot owners to update their details online; the changes made are then submitted back to StrataMax which provides the manager with an opportunity to review the changes and confirm the changes to be applied to the Roll records.

In addition, owners with multiple properties can use their StrataMax Portal account to link their properties to a single access. From this one login, owners can access information for all the properties that they own. owners can also use StrataPay to pay their levy payments.

The StrataMax Portal can be customised with the logo of the Strata Management company and a colour scheme created by using a ‘Theme’. This ‘Theme’ can then be applied to all buildings, or alternatively a ‘Theme’ created and applied on a per building basis.

Create a Manager Account

A StrataMax Portal account is required to access the site to set up and maintain the reports and documents groups, which are made available to owners. Each account requires an email address & password, and is linked to the corresponding StrataMax user.

There are two permission levels:

  1. Standard Portal Privileges gives the user access to the Owner View features, allowing them to view the Portal as a lot owner.
  2. Administrator Portal Privileges provides access to all areas of the Manager Portal Website, including Report and Document pricing, CMS,  and customisation of pages.

Follow these steps to set up Portal access:

  1. Search or select Security Setup, right-click the user and select Edit User Profile & Manager Account.

  2. Populate all required fields if not already (see Edit User Profile & Manager Account)
  3. Click the Portal drop-down menu to select the appropriate privileges;
    • Standard enables the user to view the StrataMax Portal as an owner (see Owner View Access).
    • Administrator provides the user with access to the StrataMax Portal enables the user permission to configure the Report and Document groups, and configure customised pages. 
  4. Click the Save button.

  5. An email will be sent to the user's email address with a CREATE ACCOUNT button.

  6. Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button to open the account creation page.
  7. Enter password details and click the Update button.

  8. The email address and password can now be used to access the StrataMax Online Portal.

Deactivate a Manager Account

If a StrataMax user needs to have their Portal access removed, for example they no longer work for the company, the access can be removed by either setting their StrataMax user to ‘No Portal Access’.

  1. Search or select Security Setup.
  2. Right-click the user and select Edit User Profile & Manager Account.
  3. Click the Portal drop-down menu, and select No Access.

  4. Click Save.

Change a Manager Email Address

In some instances, the email address used to access the StrataMax Portal may need to be changed. This can be done through StrataMax by removing Portal access first, updating the address, and then assigning the Portal access again.

  1. Search or select Security Setup.
  2. Right-click the user and choose Edit User Profile & Manager Account.
  3. Click the Portal drop-down menu and select No Access.
  4. Once again, right-click the user and select Edit User Profile & Manager Account.
  5. Update the address in the Email Address field.
  6. Click the Portal drop-down menu to select the appropriate privileges: Standard or Administrator.
  7. Click Save.

StrataMax Portal | Owners, Committee, Non-Owner Office Bearers

When a new building in StrataMax has been installed and the Roll created, each lot owner is assigned an initial StrataMax ID and password. We recommend sending these details to owners in an 'Intro Letter' created in Merge Letters

There is no difference between a Portal account for an owner and a committee member, except that a committee member can access the Committee Reports and Documents. For the owner to be granted access to the committee section, they must be added to Office Bearers in StrataMax, with their lot number in the Owner of Lot field. Only one office bearer account can be granted access to this section, and shared access can be granted for Owner-only access.

Once the StrataMax ID and password have been sent to the owner—most likely via StrataMax Intro Letter—they must create a Portal account. This can be done using the email address recorded on the Roll or with this ID and password if it is different. For more information about owners creating an account, refer to the Creating a StrataMax Portal Account article.

Buildings transferred using the Transfer-In process will retain the Owner’s current login credentials. During the Transfer Out process, login credentials are suspended and will be reactivated once the building has been re-uploaded to StrataMax. The initial login credentials are available to view, but not the owner's current login information.

If the user has an existing StrataMax Portal account, this access will be automatically granted. If the user does not have an existing StrataMax Portal account, an email will be sent inviting the user to create an account.

StrataMax Portal | Non-Owner Office Bearers

Non-Owner Office Bearers are slightly different to owners/committee members as they are not set up in the Roll and are therefore not assigned an initial StrataMax ID and password. This means that to gain access to the building's Committee Reports and Documents on the StrataMax Portal, they need to be set up in Office Bearers as a contact that has the same primary email address as the one they used to create the Portal account.

If Non-Owner Office Bearers need to change their e-mail address, they must do so on the StrataMax Portal, under the Manage Account tab, via the Change Email Address menu.

If they no longer have access to the old email address to access their online account, or if it is a different Non-Owner Office Bearer/Caretaker, etc., then you will need to resign them in Office Bearers and create a new record for the new email address or Non-Owner Office Bearer. In addition, if the Non-Owner Office Bearer was set up to approve invoices on the Invoice Hub, then a new Office Bearer record will need to be added again in Invoice Hub > File > Approver Defaults, which will create and send an email to create a new account.