BMC Reports

This article covers the various reports that can be run in the BMC menu. There are several reports to chose from in the BMC menu, used for different purposes.

All reports in the BMC menu are access via the Reports option in the BMC menu.


The first report provides future billing information for each month or quarter.

  1. Open the BMC menu and select the Billing tab.
  2. Click Reports > Report.
  3. In the new window, tag one or all the lots and click OK .
  4. In the Report Setup screen, chose the output method and check the printer settings, then click OK.

Data Export 

This option exports the Account Liability List to Excel.

  1. Open the BMC menu.
  2. Click Reports > Data Export.
  3. Navigate to the folder/directory to where the report should be saved, then click Select Folder.
    • Anew folder can be created inside the selected folder as well, by clicking the Make New Folder button.
  4. The data will now open in Excel.

Year Adjustment Report

This report is run as part of the Year End Process for a BMC.