Archive All Data

The archive process backs up all data (Current, Old and Historical Year) including documents and creates a ZIP file - this is the same functionality as a Data Storage.  When a building is lost, it should be archived to a separate directory before deletion in case the data is required at a later date. This process is a secure and recommended way of ensuring all StrataMax data including DocMax documents are retained.

Archive All Data

  1. Search or select Archive All Data. 
  2. Check that the building is correct.
  3. Review the Backup Destination - (select Custom to create the ZIP file to a specific folder or click Change to change the pathway).
  4. Click Proceed.

The data will be stored in a ZIP titled with the building number under the Backup Destination specified.

It is now possible to conduct a building data storage/archive for multiple buildings by clicking the “Select” button. Once in the building selection screen, hold the ‘Ctrl’ key and click the buildings to be backed up.

Please Note: If multiple buildings are selected for Data Storage/Archive, the default backup location will change to the BCM\ARCHIVE folder. If there are multiple buildings in the same month the zip files will be stored in the same folder. For example, all backups at May month end will be stored in BCM\ARCHIVE\MAY-19 folder.

Restore Data from Archive

Please be advised that the Restore Data menu is only available to the StrataMax Support team. This is to ensure the integrity of your data, and stability and functionality of StrataMax. This is due to the fact that a complete restore of an individual building can impact a lot of areas such as the Bank Reconciliation, Invoice Hub, DocMax, Portal, and other areas, often causing further issues.

As such, if you are in a position where you believe you need to restore data, please contact our Support team for assistance. We realise that often this may be a time critical requirement, so please log your case with our Support Team with the following in place:

  • When you are working on a building and complete a data storage, ensure that the building is locked and remains locked if you need to log a case; this ensures no changes are made while we investigate.
  • Detail the exact reasoning for the expected use for the data restore.

In some instances, we may provide you with an alternative solution as a restore is not recommended in most cases.