Quick List

The instructions in this article relate to Quick Lists. The icon may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search.

The Quick Lists is a tool to access several data tables in StrataMax quickly and report the information in Excel. An option to report on the old year is also available. Similarly, for transactions only, click here for information on Local Transactions.

The data tables can be exported to Excel, or a combined report for the old and current year can be report for transactions.

General Ledger Transactions

The General Ledger Transaction List from Quick List can quickly report to Excel the current year's transactions. In this area, you can also combine transactions between the old and current years and produce this in a report or to Excel. This area can also utilise filters to quickly compare transactions between the old and current year.

  1. Search or select Quick List.
  2. Select 'General Ledger Transactions' from the list. A list of current year transactions will appear.
  3. Click Report to produce a report of the transactions to Excel.

Change Building: Changes to the selected building from the building list.

Apply Grid From Other Grid: Used with Filters to apply the filter to the bottom window. Used when both the old year and current year windows are displayed.

Report: Reports the current year transactions to Excel. If filters are used, this will report on the filtered transactions.

Old Year: Displays the old year transactions in the top window and the current year transactions in the bottom window.


To use the filter, click on to a transaction cell you wish to filter, then right click. This will apply a filter to the transaction list.

Filter By: This will apply the filter to the list of transactions.

Clear Filter: Will clear the filter applied and will display all the transactions.

Undo Last Filter: This will undo the last applied filter.

Report: This will report to Excel the displayed transactions.

If both Old Year and Current Year transactions are displayed (using the 'Old Year' button), you can filter a transaction in the Old Year (top) window, then click 'Apply Filter From Other Grid' to apply the filter to the Current Year (bottom) window.

Combined Year Transaction Report

  1. Search or select Quick Lists.
  2. Select the GoTo menu and then Combined Year Transaction Report.
  3. A screen will appear that will display a list of all the account codes, tag the account codes you wish to produce a combined transaction report. 
  4. A General Ledger Transaction List screen will appear. Tick Preview to bring the report up in a table, from here you can export to Excel, otherwise click Proceed' without Preview ticked to bring a report to PDF. You don't need to tag any other codes in this screen.

General Ledger Accounts

This provides a grid view of all account codes including their month to date balance, last year balance and account type. 

  1. Search or select Quick List.
  2. Click General Ledger Accounts > OK.


This is a list of all lots and historical records of changes that can be reported in Excel.

  1. Search or select Quick List.
  2. Click Roll > OK.

Bank Statement Transactions

This is a report of all the transactions found in the Bank Rec that can be reported in Excel.

  1. Search or select Quick List.
  2. Click Bank Rec > OK.


This will list all the notes in the building, use the Filter settings to filter for a specific note type.

  1. Search or select Quick List.
  2. Click Notes > OK.