Rebranding / Manager Name Change

When you inform MaxSoft about a name change, we initiate a series of internal processes to update our StrataMax Systems with your new company name. Once these changes are completed on our end, there are several client-managed areas that may require your attention and updates, as detailed below. 

These steps will help ensure that your StrataMax records are up to date after a name change. If you have any questions or need assistance with any of these processes, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team. We are here to help you navigate these changes seamlessly.

1. Letterhead Change

If changes are needed to the company letterhead, please submit a request to For a detailed guide on how to request letterhead changes, visit our Letterhead Change guide.

2. Account Manager Edit

Account Manager information is used across multiple screens in StrataMax, such as Building Information, the top tool bar of StrataMax next to the Building List, as well as in various reports and sorting functions within the system. For information on how to update account manager details, consult Account Manager Edit.

3. Manager Maintenance

Manager Maintenance is where the details of the Body Corp. Manager / Strata Manager are stored, and where a specific letterhead per manger can be setup if required (i.e. for management offices). Review our article on updating Manager Maintenance.

4. Office Bearers

The Office Bearers section will generally contain the Body Corporate Manager for the building, and could therefore potentially require an update to this information after a name change. More details on updating Office Bearers detailed in the link below.

5. Communication / Email Signature

The Communication area manages global and personal email signatures used throughout the program. Please note that changing the Global Email Signature may require Administrator permissions. Personal signatures can be updated at the user level. For instructions, check Communications.

6. Return Address Editor

The Return Address Editor sets up return address information on invoices, levy notices, and other notices where a return address for payment is used. View our article on how to adjust the Return Address Editor.

7. Creditor Maintenance

If the company or management office has been created as a creditor record, the contact information such as name, address and bank account may need updating. Refer to Creditor Maintenance for more information.

8. GLMax

Review the GLMax Company and adjust the company name as required. 

9. StrataMax Portal 

Depending on company branding, the theme and colour scheme may need to be reviewed and edited on the StrataMax Portal, including the logo.

10. Email Template Manager 

Review library and adjust any emails in the Email Template Manager if there has been reference to the prior manager name.