Letterhead Changes

Letterhead changes within StrataMax are performed by the Support Team and will incur a charge of $100.00 for collation and upload into StrataMax. To ensure that your letterhead displays correctly across all areas of the StrataMax system, we have established specific design guidelines that you should follow. These guidelines are as follows:

Requirements for Letterhead Design

  • Please provide a Microsoft Word version of your complete letterhead in A4 portrait-oriented with left and right margins set to 1cm.
  • This Microsoft Word document should showcase the exact layout and formatting, including the correct fonts, font colors, font sizes, and ensure that all hyperlinks are deactivated.
  • The height of your letterhead content must not exceed 4cm.
  • The width of your letterhead content must not exceed 19cm.
  • If your letterhead design includes logos or other graphics, we require a complete letterhead in vector format (e.g., Adobe Illustrator .ai / .eps / .svg). Ensure that any text elements are outlined (converted to objects) in the vector file. For assistance with obtaining your letterhead file in vector format, consult your graphic designer.
  • If you wish to add multiple letterhead designs to StrataMax, the above requirements apply to each letterhead individually, including supplementary templates in addition to the default template.

How to Request a Letterhead

To initiate a letterhead change request, please send completed request meeting the above guidelines in an email to support@stratamax.com.au. Our Support Team will ensure your letterhead aligns with our guidelines and is seamlessly integrated into the StrataMax system. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.