DocMax Videos

The videos in this article relate to DocMaxThe icon may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search.

DocMax is the purpose-built document management system, which is fully integrated with all areas of StrataMax. It covers setup, settings, configuration, adding documents, and many other topics.

DocMax Basics Video

In this recording of the webinar delivered in June 2021 we cover the DocMax basics, such as the DocMax security permissions, DocMax settings, and the various menus and functions in the three different DocMax tabs; Documents, Add Documents, and Administration.

DocMax | Managing Expiring Documents Video

This video is a recording of the monthly webinar that was delivered in May 2021, and covers how to manage expiring documents in DocMax utilising Advanced & Saved Searches, as well as Work Queues.

DocMax | Unlock the Full Power of DocMax: A Journey Through Efficient Document Management

This webinar, delivered in September 2023 reviews the way of which profiles and adding documents to DocMax can be a simple yet powerful tool to use in your every day office. Profiles, Work Queues and Saved Searches as the highlighted areas and includes the lates changes in these areas.

DocMax | Tips and Time Savers Video

This webinar was completed in January 2023 and covers some of the basic timesavers around using the DocMax Auto-Prefill setting and the Outlook plugin for adding documents on bulk. The use of DocMax Merge Fields are also included and how to maximise this information around the title field and what this will do for a saved search.

DocMax | Understanding and Troubleshooting Video 

This session was delivered in March 2023 and focuses on a Roll and Insurance Work Queue and emphasis on understanding how a work queue functions. Also included was some of the touch points between StrataMax and DocMax around document integration. Lastly was the searches and Advanced Searches and how to maximise these areas.

DocMax | Work Queues & Saved Searches Video

This webinar recording takes users through the setup and use of Saved Searches in DocMax, as well as how to set up ad use Work Queues in DocMax. The video also touches on the Security Setup for these features of DocMax.

DocMax | Work Queues for Accounts Payable Video

This video is a recording of the monthly webinar that was delivered in February 2022, and covers DocMax Work Queues, specifically for accounts payable teams, whilst emphasising the differences between large and small strata management offices.