End of Financial Year Review and Adjustments

Preparing for the end of a Financial Year on a building generally includes checking the financial and budget information at the end of the year. There are other areas that may need review and the purpose of this page is to assist with highlighting these. 

Depending on when the review is carried out, albeit pre or post year end will determine if these checks and potential changes are done in the current or old year. Please keep this in mind. 

Areas available to report and process

Financial Statements

Financial Statements will assist in confirming both the Budget and Actual posted transactions. Having a copy of this information will assist before applying any changes to any accounts. Additional reports can also be included, for example the account summary report can be useful to check the description details and where expenses have been posted to.

Transaction List

Having a set of detailed transactions that include more commonly the expenditure of a building can be useful to refer to for individual transactions. There are a few options available to report this information:

Budget Review

Reviewing the Budget column and comparing this to the actual column is recommended to assist in identifying any account codes that might need movement to align with each other. Each line item should represent a similar value and be checked. 

  • The Budget column is included in the Financial Statements. This article here will include additional budget report options if required.

Editing and Updating Transactions

Based on the Financial Statement review as noted in the two areas above, the below can assist with updating or editing transaction information depending on what change is required.

  • Editing descriptions of paid invoices - When reviewing, if there are any that require a description change this can be edited via Payments Management.
  • Editing descriptions of other transactions, if there are any that require a description change this can be edited via Local Transactions.
  • Transactions that may have been coded to an incorrect account, use Transaction Change Code to move the transaction to a different income or expense account.
  • For any transactions that are identified using GST incorrectly, use GST Balance Adjustment to correctly apply GST.
  • If adjustments have been made throughout the year, transactions that balance to zero may be hidden using Transaction Report Manager.

The Change Code Number process will change the code number from the current year and apply to all years and this should be considered before applying.

Building Information

Once the financials have been completed and approved at the general meeting. The Audit Done setting can assist in marking the building appropriately.

Audit Done - Yes/No

Preparing for External Audit

Using Building Information - Auditor fields.

Using Report Set to distribute to Auditor  / Save to DocMax / Email to Auditor.

DocMax - Saved Search for Auditor includes the categories required and then - Export to Excel. Saving either to network folder or stick.