StrataMax Videos

The videos on this page are recordings of our monthly online training sessions and are catered to the menus, features, and enhancements that are in StrataMax. Although the StrataMax version in the video may vary to your version, the instructions are up to date.

We send out a newsletter at the beginning of every month to let our clients know which webinars will be held for that month. If you would like to join our mailing list, please contact the training team.

The video link is the blue header for each paragraph and each video will open in a new tab. Some videos also contain bookmarks to make it easier for you to locate the section you need. See the red square here:

Communicating Your Office Holiday Hours

This webinar demonstrates the functions available in StrataMax to assist with communicating operating hours or important payment run details with your clients via Message Maker, Payment Overlay and Email Templates.

Efficiencies and Automation Video

In this recording of the monthly webinar delivered in September 2021, we cover automated features that are available to assist in many areas of StrataMax. Covering DocMax, Receipt Entry, Payments Management, and Processing Management Fees to name a few.

Maximising Office Administration Efficiency Video

This webinar, delivered in October 2023, covers the processes required for changes of ownership and change of details. Covering these processes also sees a review of internal Roll Reports, for example, Roll List 1 and 2, Entry Reports and an owner-facing report, and Roll Details Confirmation. Also included is a review of the advanced searches for auditors and agents within DocMax and a saved search focusing on correspondence.

New User Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in March 2022, which covers topics typically for new StrataMax users, and for those who are responsible for training new staff members. It covers desktop overview, setup and configuration of icons and icon groups, the common features of reporting and configuration screens, and the Teachable platform.

Office Administration

Completed in June 2022, this session includes how to maximise the searching function for Owner records with the desktop, completing a change of ownership and a change of detail. Also included is how to review the Stored Report area and resend emails and using a basic DocMax search. Portal access is also included and how to impersonate an Owner.

Searches and Dashboard

Delivered in March 2024, this webinar focuses on offering searches that include Search Buildings, Search Creditor Invoice Items, Search Contacts, Search Levies, Search Inspections, Search Bank Accounts, Global Transactions, and Merge Letters—Log. Each of these screens offers powerful results, and the session takes you through how to build these, save them for later use, and even add the relevant ones as a Dashboard where available.

Searching Made Simple

This recording is from November 2023 on our powerful search tools which are designed to revolutionise how you locate data and information across your portfolio. We demonstrate adjusting the search criteria and using the enhanced filters that allow you to narrow down your search results quickly and effectively - focusing on Global Transactions, Local Transactions, Search Bank Accounts and Search Inspections plus more.

Strata Managers & Assistants Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar delivered in June 2022. The Strata Manager / Assistant webinar has been designed to cover Strata Manager position in the Strata office, and provides StrataMax users with a guide on the general tasks which may be completed by a Strata Manager or Assistant on a regular basis.

StrataMax Power Up 20: Game-Changing Tips

This video is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in April 2023, sharing top tips on how to access owner reports in the Roll, shortcuts and customisable options in Building Information. You can view our article on all items covered in this webinar from StrataMax Power Up: 20 Game-Changing Tips to Save Time.


Supercharge Your StrataMax

This webinar, delivered in October 2022, will guide you on a number of useful practices to assist with your navigation through StrataMax. We cover searching for menus, desktop configuration, selecting Budget Templates and setting Favourite items in Building Information

Templates & Reporting Video

This is a recording one of the monthly webinar delivered in July 2021. It covers how to select templates in various areas of StrataMax and the different options available. It also reviews other types of templates and how to set them up. Specifically, it covers Levy Notice/Reports, Arrears Notice Setup, Levy E-mail Templates, Financial Statements, Ledger Card, StrataMax Intro Letter, Legal Action Letter, Month End Financial Reports.