Owners & Debtors Videos

The videos in this article relate to owners and debtors. These include topics such as certificates, merge letters, roll management, contact management, and more.

Certificates Video

Issuing a state specific Certificate with a review of the tabs and buttons in this area is what you can expect to understand from this webinar. This video was completed in March 2022 and includes the setup of the disbursement area and automating charges for the certificate. Creating and working with a cover letter and referring to the Tax Invoice function is also explained in detail. The core areas like Building Information, Levy Management and Insurance are also reviewed to understand how these areas transition into the certificate is also included, with removing and re-attaching the electronic seal.

Contact Management

This session was delivered in April 2024 and focuses on managing split contacts in the Roll with Office Bearers. Also included are the enhancements available, including using EFT information for a contact and Payment Entry to create payments for Debtors. Creditor Maintenance is also viewed in line with Contact Management and how to use these various roll reports and search screens. Lastly, the Communication and Email Template Manager is also discussed.

Debtors Maintenance (incl Utilities)

This webinar was delivered in February 2024 and includes the most recent changes to Debtor Maintenance, Secondary Debtors and Account Maintenance. The content covers reporting using the new report distribution windows and a finalised billing scenario.


This video covers MaxSelect, which is used to import addresses from within a building into Microsoft Word or Excel. This will save you time when writing a letter to an owner/committee member or creditor.

Merge Letters

This webinar delivered in August 2023 will include the processes around changing the automated roll report sets, importing word documents for use in Merge Letters, reviewing the Report Distribution screen and include the new email specific purpose fields in the Roll. 

Merge Letters and Report Distribution

Delivered in July 2023, this webinar focuses on Merge Letters and Report Distribution areas with the introduction of the internal reports (Roll List, Entry Report, Debtors List etc) and Owner Reports (Merge Letters, Roll Details Confirmation)

Report Distribution and Merge Letters | New Features

This webinar, delivered in April 2023, includes the newest Report Distribution and Merge Letter functions with an overview of the screens and the functionality in these areas. This session focuses on email-specific contacts, creating a combined owner report (Report Set), Merge Letters and Report Distribution.

Roll and Roll Submissions Video

This webinar delivered in February 2023 covers the Roll, and how to make a change of detail for a contact, including roll records that are in the ownership of a company name and adding individual contacts. Another area featured is the Online Portal, logging in as an Owner to complete a roll submission, and what the Manager will see when approving these changes. Lastly, transferring lots managed by one agent to another and data links, with the view of removing unrequired links, is also included.

Roll | FAQ

This webinar was delivered in October 2022 and covers the Frequently Asked Questions by our clients around all areas that include the Roll, Office Bearers and how to use Contact Management. There are some general discussion areas for future development included too.

Status Report Video

This recording of a monthly webinar delivered in April 2022 covers the Status Report screen. Including, but not limited to Configuration Settings, setting Officer types, how to produce a copy of the Status Report to DocMax and StrataMax Portal, and more.