DocMax Outlook Add-In

This article explains how to enable the Outlook Add-In which allows users to add documents to DocMax directly from Outlook. To learn about how to use the DocMax Outlook Add-In, see DocMax Outlook Add-In.

The DocMax Outlook Add-In cannot be enabled unless it is installed by the StrataMax Support team, so if the 'StrataMax.OutlookAddIn'  add-in is not available in your add-in menu in Outlook, please contact StrataMax Support.

An upcoming change to Microsoft Outlook will impact the compatibility of our current DocMax add-in. The new Outlook for Windows will cease support for all existing add-ins for the current version Outlook (Classic Outlook). However, rest assured that Classic Outlook will continue to support our add-in and is expected to be available until at least the end of 2024.

We recommend remaining on Classic Outlook to ensure continued use of the DocMax Outlook Add-In. We have plans in our pipeline to develop a compatible add-in for the new Outlook version and will keep you informed well in advance of any transition requirements.

The screenshot below is an example of where you may be prompted to switch. As per above, switching will render the DocMax Outlook Add-In unworkable.

In some cases, the DocMax Outlook Add-in may disappear from Outlook. There are various reasons why this can happen, but enabling it again is fairly simple.

  1. In Outlook, click the File tab, then select Options  in the list on the left.

  2. Select the Add-ins menu in the list on the left, then click the Go... button, next to the COM Add-ins drop-down menu.

  3. Tick 'StrataMax.OutlookAddIn'  and click OK.

The DocMax Outlook Add-In is installed by the StrataMax Support team, so if the mssphtb.dll' add-in is not available, please contact StrataMax Support.