Building Information | FAQ

Welcome to our Building Information Frequently Asked Questions article. We've put together answers to the most common questions we get asked.  The full Building Information article can be viewed here.

Security and Permissions

Q. How do I access Building Information?
A. Access to the menu 'Building Information' must be set in Security permissions. This may be controlled by the StrataMax Administrator within your office.  If access was previously granted to this permission, access will still be allowed.

Q. How do I edit the display in Building Information?
A. Access to the Building security option 'Building Info - Edit Display' must be set in Security Setup. This may be controlled by the StrataMax Administrator within your office.

New Information

Q. How can the adding of a Contact for the new Account Manager Assistant or Asset Manager help?
A. Adding another Contact for these internal office positions will, in the future, allow for use on reports and access will be updated in the filters.

Q. What is the purpose of the NABERS information fields?
A. These fields will be used specifically by NSW for legislative reporting requirements being introduced late 2022.  The reporting will assist NSW clients in preparation for lodgement with the NSW Strata Hub.

Q. The recording of meetings now can record information and keep history of prior meetings.  Can this information update automatically in the Meeting Hub?
A. The updating of Meeting Hub details automatically is not yet available but is being considered for the future.

Q. Why has the desktop icon for Info Update / Building Info disappeared?
A. These icons were removed, edit the desktop and add Building Information.

Moved Information

Q. Where is the information for the date related fields.... i.e. Insurance Valuation, Last Backflow Tested, Termite Last Inspected, etc.?
A. This information has been migrated to the Inspections Register to allow for additional information to be recorded plus to allow global reporting for all Inspections with the Inspections Details Report.  Enhancements to registers will be reviewed in 2023. Fields merged to the Inspections Register are listed below:

Next Registration Due
Last Backflow Tested
Next Backflow Test Due
Backflow Tested by
Last Maintenance Report
Next Maintenance Report Due
Maintenance Report Prepared By
Date Last Painted  
Pest Control Last Inspected
Pest Control Next Due
H & S Workplace H & S Last Inspected
Workplace H & S Next Due
Emergency Lighting Last Inspected
Emergency Lighting Next Due
Termite Last Inspected
Termite Next Due
Fire Safety Equipment Last Inspected
Fire Safety Equipment Next Due
Asbestos Inspection
Asbestos Present
Last Switchboard Inspection
Next Switchboard Inspection Due
Sinking Fund Report Prepared By
Last Sinking Fund Report
Next Sinking Fund Report Due
Insurance Valuation Date
Insurance Valuation
Insurance Valuation By
Building Valuation Date
Building Valuation Amount
Building Valuation by

Q. What if there are dates for these fields in both Info Update and Inspection Registers?
A. If the category name matches an existing inspection category for that building, the information will not be migrated to avoid duplication.  If they don't match exactly, then the information will be migrated under the category name from Info Update as a separate inspection record.

Q. What if the same named inspection category already exists before the update?
A. The information from Info Update will not update into Inspection Registers so not to overwrite existing data.  A log of this information will be kept for future reference if required.

Q. What if a similar named inspection category already exists before the update?
A. The information from Info Update will add into Inspection Registers to a new category.  If this data is not required, please contact the Support Team to assist with the possible bulk deletion of old irrelevant data.

Q. Do we need to edit our Merge Letters to use the Inspections Register fields if we were previously using Building Information fields that were migrated to the Inspections Register?
A. No the Merge Letters will automatically merge the field from the Inspections Register.

Removed / Updated Information

Q. We have previously updated the interest rate / grace days / overdue interest rate / etc. in Global Data Replacement, how is this to be achieved globally or for part of the portfolio?
A. Global Data Replacement has been removed in StrataMax version 5.6.64, however, updates can now be made to certain information fields in Building Information when the below symbol is displayed on the right side of the information field - Copy value to other buildings.

If updating of other information fields is required on a global basis, please contact the Support Team to determine if we can assist.

Q. How do we know what State, Module and Type to select, the valid combinations option is not available anymore?
A.  Selection of the correct State will show the available Module and Building Type options applicable to the selected State.  If your new building is not setup correctly - review the New Building Setup defaults to ensure these are updated.

Q. There is no longer an option to edit the number of lots and no active lots details
A.  The number of lots is determined when a Building is setup / lots added / re-subdivision completed and will automatically update.  The number of lots is the active lots.

Q. Why doesn't the Seal Register open a list of all buildings and seals?
A.  A seal reference can still be added and reported.  The Excel reporting option, for either one or multiple buildings is available when the selected Seal Reference is included in the view being reported.

Q. The Tax File Number field we have always had populated is now showing as 'Tax File Number is not valid'; why is this the case as the number is correct?
A. The field now has validation to confirm it is a current Tax File Number. Tax File Numbers may have previously been issued with only 8 digits however in some instances a leading 0 may have been used. If the Tax File Number includes a leading 0 try removing it.


Q. The Global Custom Building Info report doesn't seem to work now, how do we produce a global report of all the building information fields?
A.  This report is now in the Building Information screen and can be produced for a single building or with the use of the building list and or filters.  The Excel report will report based on the selected view - i.e. All fields, selected Custom View or Favourites.

Q. How do we produce the report for one building that details the information and fields in the PDF format?
A.  This report is still available and can be completed by selecting the 'Report' button to display on screen or print to a printer.

Q. Why can't a report be produced for the view named 'Policy and Comments'?
A.  This view provides additional on-screen information not easily reported to Excel, use another view i.e. your favourites or All fields or a unique one that has been created that you have in the view list.