Master List Tax Report

Instructions in this article relates to the Master List Tax Code Report. The icon may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search.

Each building has its own master list. This report lists the following information about each general ledger account code (Excluding creditors [082...] and lot owners accounts [021..]): Code Number, Description, Master List Type, Tax Code, and Non-Mutual Income.

Master List Tax Code in Master Chart / Base Building

  1. From the Building Selector, select
    • A building to run the list just for that building.
    • Select Base Building' to run the report in the Base Building.
    • Select Master Chart Building to run the report in the Master Chart.
  2. Search or select Master List Tax Code.
  3. The below information will apply to all areas of output for the report.
    1. Click Options > Code Number Order to print in number order.
    2. Click Options > Name Order, to print in alphabetical order.
    3. Choose the required output: Screen, Print, or Excel.
    4. Select Codes - tag to set any limits
    5. Tax Code - tag to set any limits
    6. Non Mutual - tag to set any limits
    7. Click the Preview button to display the contents in an on-screen table, similar to Excel.
  4. Click OK.