VoteMax for Strata Managers

What is VoteMax

VoteMax is a web-based application designed to provide owners with an easy-to-use self-service portal for viewing meeting information as well as the ability to download any related documentation. In addition, VoteMax can be used by owners to cast votes electronically, after which, the Strata Manager can tally the votes in Meeting Hub.

When an owner logs into the Portal and opens VoteMax, they will be presented with any future or past Meetings or Ballots created by the Strata Manager. These will also indicate when the voting period window opens and closes, or whether it is currently open or has already been closed.

Please note that VoteMax cannot be accessed by a Strata Manager using the 'View As Owner' function within the StrataMax Online Portal. Basically the VoteMax tab, which owners can see when they log into the Portal, will not visible to Strata Manager.

Meetings become visible in VoteMax once they have been progressed to an "Active" stage by clicking the Update To Notice Issued button in the Meeting Details screen. Note that the meeting notice does not need to be printed or distributed from Meeting Hub in order to become active in VoteMax.

Meeting Details

The meeting details that owners see in VoteMax are determined during the Meeting creation process and can be changed in the Meeting Details screen. Specifically, these are set up in the Meeting Date & Location / Ballot section, which can be read about in the Meeting Details article.

VoteMax Settings

The VoteMax settings are configured whilst creating the meeting and can be changed in the Meeting Details screen. These settings impact what owners see in VoteMax, and determine the pre-meeting online voting window. To learn more about these settings, check out the Meeting Creation article.


Any Motions that need to be voted on can be created as a Standard Motion first, and then added to a Meeting during the Meeting creation process, or if the Standard Motion hasn't been created already, a Motion can be created from scratch. To learn about creating Standard Motions, check out the Standard Motions article

To learn about how to add Motions or Standard Motions to Meetings, head over to the Meeting Details article.

Vote Tally

Once the voting period window has closed, they will be added to the attendance register, and can be exported to the Offline Voting Register.