Meeting Hub Introduction

This article offers an introduction to Meeting Hub. The icon for Meeting Hub may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search.

Meeting Hub is part of the StrataMax suite, and subsequently available to all clients. However, you will first need to configure access and type of access in the StrataMax Security Setup menu. This is where you will enter the staff member’s details including their e-mail address, which will be their login/username. This menu is also where their level of privilege (access) will be set.

What is Meeting Hub?

Meeting Hub is part of the StrataMax suite, and is the Strata Manager's interface of the StrataMax Online Voting solution. Designed to provide all the essential functions for managing meetings including configuration of re-usable agenda items and motions, generation of meeting documents in Word format to allow formatting changes, management of voting, attendance and quorum, determining motion outcomes, plus a range of other helpful features.

StrataMax Data in Meeting Hub

Updates to the RollOffice Bearers, and Building Information will trigger an upload automatically to Meeting Hub. However, changes to levies in Levy Management and daily banking uploads will not trigger an upload automatically, so the user will either need to upload the building manually or wait for the nightly upload before the data will become available in Meeting Hub.

A building will not upload and therefore not be available to select in Meeting Hub if the StrataPay Only box is ticked in Building Information.


The other interface of the StrataMax Online Voting solution is designed for lot owners. VoteMax appears as a new menu in the StrataMax Portal, and delivers an online view of meetings and easy method for owners to cast votes electronically. More information on VoteMax can be found here.

Meeting Structure

Each meeting in Meeting Hub follows a structure, which can be seen the Meeting Details screen, and aside from some variables and options chosen during creation, generally looks like this:

Meeting Hub Demonstration Video

This video is a great place to start if you're a new user. It focuses on the capabilities of Meeting Hub, as well as some of the functions and features. At the end it also quickly demonstrates what VoteMax looks like for owners, and how easy it is to cast votes.

If you have opened this page directly from the "Online Help" link in Meeting Hub, you may not see the below video as it's not compatible with Internet Explorer. You will need to open this page in a different browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.