Meeting Hub Main Menu

Main Menu | Navigation

When Meeting Hub opens, you will start in the Main Menu or MEETINGS menu.

  1. The Navigation Menu button is used to open or close the Navigation Menu.
  2. The Meeting Hub button is available in all screens and is used to navigate to the Meeting Hub main page.
  3. This is the current logged in user. The name is synced with the name in Security Setup in StrataMax.
  4. Click each stage (Planning, Active, and Recently Held) to focus on those meetings in the main window. This is only effective if you need to scroll down the screen to see meetings in a certain stage.
  5. Historical Meetings are where you will find meetings after their Minutes have been issued for a meeting.
  6. Click to manage your Standard Motions (Administrator only).
  7. Click to manage your Standard Agenda Items (Administrator only).
  8. Click to manage your Standard Meetings (Administrator only).
  9. Click the New Meeting button to create a new meeting.
  10. Type in the Filter… field to search and filter meetings. It searches the columns Building, Name, Account Manager, Meeting Type, and Meeting Status. Filters are available in each of the main menu screens, and they can be saved so that when you return to the screen, the filter is automatically applied.
  11. Click the Select button to manage that meeting.

Main Menu | Prompts

Any meetings that are in progress will be displayed at the top of the screen, highlighted in red.

'Ballot Only' meetings will be highlighted in red with a warning icon (hover the mouse icon over it to see the message) when the voting window has closed or the majority of votes has been received, and they are ready to be finalised. The indicator will also turn green.

Any meetings that are in an "Active" state with a date in the past will also be highlighted in red with a 'warning' icon on them, whilst any meetings that are in an "Active" state with today's date will be highlighted in blue with an 'info' icon on them.

Access Levels/Permissions

Depending on what level of privileges have been set in Security Setup, the Navigation Menu will appear in one of two ways.