Property Info & Setup Videos

The videos in this article relate to property information and setup. These include topics such as certificates, merge letters, roll management, contact management, and more.

Building Information Video 

Building Information has been re-designed to provide a single viewpoint for recording important property information.  This webinar will deliver an overview of the newly introduced customisation based on user and company requirements, along with a demonstration of the powerful search functionality, new fields and full capability of the Building Information screen.

Email Signatures Video

Explains the difference between Global and Personal signatures in Communication. How to create new signatures with images, lines, tables, web links, and HTML code.

Insurance Video

This video walks the audience through the features and functions that are used in the Insurance menu in StrataMax to manage insurance, including a Dashboard item, reports, the setup of Premium Accounts, and more.

Insurance Claims Video

This video is a recording of the monthly webinar delivered in August 2021, which covers insurance claims and the related processes and functions. These are also covered in the Insurance Claims article.

New Building Setup Video

This webinar, delivered in September 2023 will include the process of loading a new building in v5.6 that includes Building Information, Roll, Office Bearers, Opening Balances, entering a budget via Budget Update and levies Levy Management. Linking this building to GLMax ready for Management Fee Setup. These processes are included in the New Building setup process.

Opening Balance Setup Video

This video is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in February 2023, and demonstrates the process of loading a building's financials (Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure) using the Opening Balance Setup menu as part of loading a new building. This includes allocating the initial bank deposit in the Bank Reconciliation.

Post AGM Update Video

There are certain ares in StrataMax that contain information that needs to be updated after an AGM is held. This recording of the webinar in May 2023, demonstrates the processes to update this information, and includes updating Building Information, Budget Update, Office Bearers, Insurances, Registers and Levy Management.

Registers Video

This webinar, delivered in May 2023 includes reviewing each of the registers (except Key Register) that are available to record information for a building. Each of these registers is available to record important details that offer local reports, with some available globally. Also included is a summary of the other areas that can assist with entering into some of these registers. Lastly, the Building Information inspection type fields and the transition to the Inspections Register and using Meeting Hub motions is discussed.

Resubdivision / Reallocate 5.6 Video

The process of re-subdivisions and reallocations of entitlements has been streamlined in StrataMax to consolidate all the scenarios and related tasks into this one menu. It features step-by-step setup screens for entry of data and reporting to confirm the validity of input prior to processing. This video covers three different scenarios: the reallocation of entitlements for existing lots, the amalgamation of lots and reallocation of entitlements, and the addition of new lots and reallocation of entitlements.

Transfer In Checklist Video 

This is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in April 2021, covering the required steps to take when you have transferred a new building to your StrataMax portfolio. More specifically it covers the steps outlined in the Building Transfers article.