Interactive Reports

The instructions in this article relate to the Interactive Reports. The icon may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search.

Interactive Reports has been designed to review financial statements for the property's current and old year, and drill into any account code to view the transactions, payment details, as well as any attached documents, such as invoices.

Using Interactive Reports

Interactive Reports include a number of reporting tools that can be used to assist with account queries; each account code can be clicked to view transactions. Some include Levies in Arrears and Levies in Advance which enable you to select between different reporting formats.

The Security Setup setting is titled 'Interactive reports' and access must be granted to use this menu. Please discuss access with your office Administrator responsible for StrataMax Security Setup.

  1. Search or select Interactive Reports.
  2. Click on the Account Code line or the icon to the left of the account code number.
    • An additional tab will be opened to the left; further tabs can be opened depending on the account code selected.
  3. Click the red 'X' button to close a tab.

Transactions will be ordered by selected financial year based on the transaction date followed by previous financial year; column names can be clicked on to change the sort order.

Print Financial Statements

A copy of the Presentation Financial Statement can be printed by clicking on the Printer icon at the top right of the page, and a set of financials can also be exported by clicking on the Excel icon.

Arrears & Advance Lot Account Codes

Clicking on accounts codes that relate to lot balances will provide a list of all lots with an account balance. The format displayed is based on whether the user selects the Lot Balances or the Lot Account Dissection icon; if the account code name is selected, the format displayed will be Lot Balances.

Clicking on a lot will display transactions for the lot account; then from within the list of transactions, clicking a transaction type will display further information to the right, including levy details, overdue interest calculations, and receipt allocations.

Creditor Balance Account Codes

Clicking the creditors balance sheet account code (082) under the Current Liabilities header will open a new tab called the Creditor Balance Report, which displays a list of any creditors with a current balance.

Click on a creditor to display the transactions for the creditor, and then click a transaction to display further details in the right pane, including invoice details, payment details & the attached invoice. The invoice can be clicked to open the document in DocMax.

Expense Account Codes

Clicking on an expense account code will provide the Transaction List for the code. Click a transaction to open another pane on the right, containing further information including invoice details, payment details, GST amounts, as well as the attached invoice. The invoice can be clicked to open the document in DocMax.