Reports / Utilities (Global) | Global Reports

The instructions in this article relate to Reports / Utilities Global and the Global optionThe icon may be located on your StrataMax Desktop or found using the StrataMax Search.

Throughout StrataMax (BCMax), there are options to print a single report for multiple buildings; the Global file menu allows for the production of consolidated reporting. If the output is set to screen, each of these will be selected with 'Yes' or 'No' to move on to the next building. If there are no results for reporting, there will be screen prompts at that report type to confirm there is no data to print. Do you want to a 'Nil Item' report?

Global Reports will produce a singular report for each building selected. This saves time in selecting the report within each building and producing it. 

Generate a Global Report

  1. Search or select Reports / Utilities Global.
  2. Click Global', then select one of the available reports.
  3. In Print to, Select: Screen / Printer / File (for Excel but may not be always available).
  4. Click on Select Buildings.
  5. Tag Buildings and click OK.
  6. Click on Edit Limits: Double click in the field (or click the field and press Edit), some fields have a drop down to select or tag items and others will require a date.
  7. Click OK when finished.
  8. Click Proceed to produce report.

Global Reports available

  • Report Set
  • Aged Balance List
  • Aged Balance List – Second Debtor
  • Account Dissection Report
  • Creditors Master List
  • Insurance Report
  • Non-Mutual Income
  • Common Property Report
  • Contracts Register Report
  • Asset Register Report
  • NSW Strata Hub Report