Administrator Videos

The videos in this article relate to administrator functions and menus in StrataMax. These include topics such as...

Building Transfers

Buildings are commonly transferred between Body Corporate managers, so StrataMax has included a module to assist clients in initiating and self-managing these transfers. This video is a recording of the webinar held in November 2023, covering the Building Transfer menu, leading you through the building transfer process, using the Email Template Manager, and how to use the Log Viewer to review any building transfer activity in StrataMax.

Security Setup and External Parties Remote Access Video

StrataMax and/or DocMax access can be provided to external parties such as search agents and auditors via a number of methods. Once third parties have access, it is important to understand how to limit what data they can see and adjust using the Security Setup menu and Saved Searches in DocMax.
Your office IT support consultant will need to arrange for remote access to your server and StrataMax; we recommend discussing how this can be achieved as well as the risks associated with remote access by third parties.

StrataMax Administration Video

This is a recording of a webinar delivered in April 2022 covering some administrative functions in StrataMax including Security Setup, DocMax, Account Manager Edit, and Edit Pick List.

System Logs Video

This video demonstrates how to utilise the Log Viewer and various logs in StrataMax to assist with understanding processes and what action points are required when there are errors. These areas are useful to understand if processes have not had a desired outcome due a setting not being set correctly, or to confirm when an action has been taken.