Creditor & Payment Videos

The videos in this article relate to creditors and payments. These include topics such as creditor maintenance, payments management, payment processing, and more.

Creditor Maintenance & Account Maintenance

This video is a recording of the monthly webinar that was delivered in February 2024. Get up to speed on the new Account Maintenance and Creditor Maintenance menus, including their most recent enhancements. Both areas were completely overhauled at the very beginning of 2024, so this is your chance to see the full capabilities of these two new menus.  

Invoice Hub 2024 Video

This session, delivered in May 2024, details the setup requirements for using the Invoice Hub and covers the various configuration areas. This webinar includes entering Creditor Invoices, uploading to the Invoice Hub and a detailed review of the approver's process on the Portal. Reporting using Search Creditor Invoices is also discussed.  

Payment Entry Video

This is a recording of the monthly webinar, delivered in April 2024, covering the process for using Payment Entry to assist with payments for Owner / Second Debtor reimbursements or refunds, Creditor part payments and Direct Debits, plus notes on Remittance Advice. 

Payment Process 2024

This is a recording of the webinar delivered in February 2024 showcasing the changes to the Payment Process released in version 5.6.100, including Creditors Management, a new menu which displays Creditor Invoice details in one screen for review and the ability to mark Creditor Invoices on or off hold, replacing Payments Withheld Editor. Previewed are the Payment Entry and Payment Management changes including the sending of Remittance Advice. The Payments menu will replace the Post & Draw option that is used to create payments from StrataMax. The new user-friendly Payments menu provides a detailed overview of unpaid invoices and the tools to manage the payment of invoices from one screen. 

Payments Management

During this webinar, recorded May 2024, we demonstrate tips on payment review and reporting. How to cross-check important creditor invoice details verse the invoice supplied and how to easily reverse the payment. We discuss how to add internal and external notes to Remittance Advice and how to Reprint a Remittance Advice.