WA Certificates

The instructions in this article relate to the Certificates screen, and the information within is specific to Western Australia. This article should be used in conjunction with the main Certificates article when creating or setting up certificates in StrataMax.

StrataMax has a Western Australia certificate named the ‘CERTIFICATE UNDER SECTION 110(1) of the STRATA TITLES ACT 1985 ’, which meets the requirements of Section 110 of the Strata Titles Act 1985. This certificate is the default certificate available to WA buildings from 1st May 2020.

Section 110(1)(a)

This section of the certificate requires a manager to confirm whether or not a management agreement exists and if so to quote the start and end dates of the agreement. A new category has been added to the contract register category pick list called ‘Management Agreement’.

In order for the start and end dates of the management agreement to be automatically included in the certificate, it will be necessary to create an entry in the contract register for the management agreement, including the start and end date and with the ‘Management Agreement’ category applied. If no Expiry Date is present for the Management Agreement, the system will attempt to use the Termination Date in lieu.

For further information regarding the Contracts Register, please refer to the Contracts Register article

Section 110 (1)(c)

This section of the certificate details any Exclusive Use By-Laws. Any data already set up for buildings that use the old WA certificates, CERT43 and CERT43b, has been retained and will be automatically applied to the new certificate. However if needed, changes can me made using the Info Editor button.

Section 110 (2)(b)

These are the Balance Fields used to populate each of the items in this section. Balance Fields are set in Levy Invoice Code Setup; and some Balance Fields cannot be edited.

(i) Unpaid Administrative Fund regular contributions levied - Balance Field 68

(ii) Unpaid Administrative Fund additional contributions levied - Balance Field 69

(iii) Unpaid Reserve Fund regular contributions levied - Balance Field 70

(iv) Unpaid Reserve Fund additional contributions levied - Balance Field 71 

(v) Amount payable by the proprietor under a by-law - Balance Field 74 

(vi) Amount recoverable from the proprietor, mortgagee in possession or occupier of the lot - Balance Field 72 

(vii) Unpaid Utilities - Sub Group when lot is linked to Sub Group Debtor

(viii) Other Payments - Balance Fields 75, 123, 124, 125, 126 ,127 (commonly used for Additional Trading Funds and Other Levies). A breakdown of these charges is included at the bottom of the certificate in item (xii). If the amounts are not due they will report NIL. 

(ix) Interest- Balance Field 76

(x) Unpaid penalty imposed on the proprietor- Balance Field 73

(xi) Total shows an additional line for amounts not yet due

(xii) This is a breakdown of charges including the not yet due

Other considerations for WA Certificates

With the introduction of the amended Strata Titles Act 1985, it is suggested that the latest AGM Minutes and any other required documents are attached to the certificate. This is done using the Document Inclusion button, and can be added locally or globally.

All document inclusions already saved for use with the old CERT43\43b certificates will remain in place and will be automatically applied to the new certificate.

If a custom seal is in place, it may contain wording relating to sections of the old act. Instructions for creating or editing a seal can be found in the Certificates article.