Banking Videos

The videos in this article relate to banking in StrataMaxThese videos will cover both bank setups, processing, and reporting, as well as StratCash Management related topics.

Bank Reconciliation New Building / Change of Manager

This webinar focuses on bringing buildings across from an outgoing manager which is a regular occurrence in most Strata Management Offices.  Topics included around lost and new management and dealing with closing/ opening balances. Loading Opening Balance Setup and how to manage the initial deposit. Also includes the Move Fund Balances option and how to utilise.

Bank Reconciliation (5.6.59) Video

This webinar includes the new banking process, released August 2022 (5.6.59) includes the Process Bank Statements area and a detailed review of scenarios that can be encountered when dealing with the Bank Reconciliation. Scenarios that include manual receipt allocation, returned creditor payments, ATO refunds and old year lot owner receipts to name a few. Editing transactions for all types including payments and other types are also included.

Daily Banking

This webinar is a recording of the Daily Banking session held in March 2024 and includes a review of the Process Bank Statements icon and work through the exceptions you may come across while managing your portfolio. We discuss the banking lifecycle and processing the various transactions including reporting from Search Bank Accounts

Investment Banking Video (v5.6.73)

This is a recording of a webinar held in February 2023, which talks about the enhancements in StrataMax update 5.6.73 for adding, managing, and reconciling investment bank accounts in StrataMax.

Split Banking Setup and Reporting Video

During this session we demonstrate Split Banking Setup and Reporting and how transactions are created in StrataMax including the configuration of Split Banking and Trading Fund Setup.