Standard Meetings Overview

Standard Meetings are designed to be used as a basis for the creation of new Meeting Hub meetings - essentially a reusable blueprint or template (not to be confused with Template Groups, which are the Word templates used for meeting notice and minutes documents).

Standard Meetings can only be created, edited, or deleted by Meeting Hub Administrators.

When a new Meeting is created based on a Standard Meeting, the components and settings in the Standard Meeting are automatically loaded. The Meeting Date & Location, and VoteMax Settings will need to be set when during the meeting creation process, or in the Meeting Details screen after it has been created.  

Any Standard Agenda Items or Standard Motions from within a Standard Meeting may also require additional action by the Strata Manager, such as attachment placeholders, or manual entry of missing text specific to this meeting, which cannot be entered as a merge field.

Also, if there are Merge Fields in the motion body, agenda body, explanatory notes, voting instructions or motion alternative text, these will be merged with StrataMax data when a meeting is created and subsequently will be included on the notice or minutes document.